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Quality Food... providing customers with a cafe experience!

About us...

(prounounced “chee-bo”) is the word that Italians use for simple uncomplicated daily food. Cibo co-owner Olivia Torretta Santini spent 2 years studying in Italy, becoming fluent in the language, experiencing the Italian culture, and ultimately meeting her Roman born husband and partner, Jonathan. She became enamored with the Italian lifestyle of daily visits to a cafe (called “bar” in Italy as in “coffee bar”), and the simple uncomplicated foods offered at these cafes as well as other eating establishments. In Italy, there seems to be a cafe on every corner, and they not only offer the staple espresso beverages, but also beer, wine, and cordials as well as morning pastries, and light lunch and dinner options. In some cafes, people on the go actually just stand at counters to enjoy their purchases, where others will lounge and enjoy their beverages or food with friends and good conversation.

Olivia grew up in the bakery business as her parents are the owners and operators of D'Amici's Bakery, a well-known bakery/cafe which has locations in Lynn, Melrose, and Reading. Together, they partnered to recreate some of the Italian cafe experience, complete with “al fresco” outdoor seating, in their hometown of Wakefield. The result of this partnership is Cibo Cafe & Bistro. Olivia and Jonathan are committed to serving delicious simple meals for all times of the day, along with a huge selection of espresso and coffee beverages, hot and iced, as well as a well-rounded offering of beer, wine, cordials, and light desserts. Ci vediamo a Cibo! (See you at Cibo!)